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One of the most common myths about Celebration is that residents must live by an overly restrictive set of rules that dictate white window shades and cookie cutter conformity. While it's true that everyone must abide by the official rules and covenants, they are no more restrictive than those you would find in any planned community. The binder you receive when you purchase a home in Celebration looks intimidating, but it all boils down to common sense rules that protect property values and make life more pleasant for everyone. If you would like to read the covenants, click here to open an index in a separate window (if you have a pop-up blocker, you will need to disable it).

Enforcement is handled by the Covenants Committee, which will issue warnings before assessing fines. There is also a twice-yearly inspection of the town.

Some sample rules include: No more than two cars per household can be parked on the street; trash cans must be stored out of site on non-pick-up days; and certain types of vehicles, such as campers, can only be parked on the street for a restricted length of time.

If you want to make a change to your home or paint it, or if you want to significantly change the yard or landscaping, you must submit a proposal to the Architectural Review Committee.

There are more rules, but this sampling gives you an idea of what to expect. As the houses in the photos on this page will show you, cookie cutter conformity and bland restrictions are NOT what Celebration is all about. They show just a tiny sample of the styles and colors you will find throughout town.